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Back to Back(breaking) Losses

The Warriors found some creative and heartbreaking ways to lose the last couple of games. It was interesting to hear Kerr say that he was trying to call time out and didn't get it, before the first jump ball in the critical last mins. The Warriors weren't granted that timeout and then immediately afterwards the Hornets were granted a timeout while wrestling for possession on the way to the ground. That's what set Kerr and Draymond off, Dray couldn't keep composure and got tossed.

In the end, I don't take too much out of either loss (although they were the two worst losses) about what to expect from the team going forward. They're battling through some strange temporary line ups and have shown good fight. What I am concerned about is health and that situation will be improving. Steph's mystery illness seems to be a one game incident, although I can't wait to hear more about what happened. Wiseman and Looney will be back soon and then we'll get o see how Kerr really wants these rotations to work. Outside of always appreciating Steph's brilliance the most intriguing thing about this season is Wiseman's development. I'm very excited to be able to watch that again on a night to night basis. Wiseman and Looney are 2nd and 7th in PER on the team and their injection back into the lineup will be a welcome sight.

The Warriors are still 1 game above .500 and currently in 8th place. Although only .5 gms ahead of the Grizzlies and 1 gm ahead of the Mavericks for that spot. The West is so bunched up from the 4 seed down that the Warriors are only 2 games from being safe from the play in tournament or from being out of the playoffs altogether. This week the Warriors will play the Knicks, Pacers and Hornets. All winnable games and with the Warriors at closer to full strength I expect them go 2-1. The Wednesday game is a road back to back game vs the Pacers which is the likely loss.

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