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Could Oubre Jr. benefit from a 1 year prove it deal?

Kerr gets a lot of criticism from local fans and I just don't understand it, a product of being spoiled for those 5 years or so I think. But Kerr and his staff have taken players like Toscano Anderson and Poole and developed them. They haven't had the chance with Wiseman but I have more faith they'll develop him than not. And more importantly he seems to care and want to develop.

I'd love to see Oubre comeback, maybe if his hurt wrist keeps his value a little low he'll be incentivized to take a 1 yr contract with the Dubs. Prove to the NBA he has what it takes to contribute on a winning team, then try to get his big pay day.

Toscano signed a brilliant deal for the Dubs, but probably short changed himself. He signed a 2 year deal but one year counted for this year so he's only under contract through next year. He is only getting $1.7 million, he probably could've got double on the open market. But by doing this the Warriors have his Bird rights and he's a restricted free agent after next year so they can match any offer and will likely keep him long term. That kind of budget signing is exactly what they need to keep building a deep strong roster.

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