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Magic Roller Coaster

What an up and down game this was! The only qtr not won by 10+ points was the 4th qtr with the Warriors winning it by 2. Steph was amazing again getting his 4th 30+ point game in a row. And he'll have a chance to match his longest 30 pt game stretch against Durant and Nets on Saturday.

Things started to get very ugly in the 2nd quarter with Paschall and Wanamaker in. Both played about 8 1/2 mins in the 2nd qtr and scored 2 combined points on 1/6 shooting. They were the only 2 players with a negative Net Rating (the difference between their advanced stat off rating and def rating), Paschall -102.6 and Wanamaker -52. Luckily Steph's dominance carried them to victory in a game that would've been a painful loss if they allowed it to happen.

With Wiseman and out for another week or so it will be a lot of fast paced small ball. The Warriors shot 50 threes last night and set a record of 30 three pt attempts in the first half! The Warriors and Nets might score a total of 300 points on Saturday.

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