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NBA Free Agency Begins

I expect the Warriors will lose Oubre and Bazemore to situations the players value more than what the Warriors can offer. Top of what the Warriors need is a solid backup PG and versatile wing or combo guard. Patty Mills and Andre Iguodala would be amazing if they can be had for the vet minimum. The Warriors have a $5.9 million mid level exception to use and veteran minimum contracts to hand out. The mid level exception can be spread out to enhance veteran minimum contracts or used all on one contract. They'll want to try to save the full mid level exception to get a higher level player that can be a 6-7th man in the rotation. Players like Batum or Austin Rivers.

Bob Myers and team weren't able to lure the kind of players needed last off-season. With Warriors being considered a contender by Vegas and the outside world I hope they will be able to get some home runs.

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