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NFL Playoff Predictions

Raider Nation is looking ahead to the NFL draft but the playoffs start tomorrow. Interested to see the new NFL playoff format, I do like more teams making it into the playoffs (I hate when people call it the tournament). Here are my predictions on how the NFL Playoffs will shake out.

I think the two biggest upsets of the playoffs will come from the Titans and the Rams. The Chiefs have got off to many slow starts this year and if they give the Titans an early lead it could be trouble. The Titans must get ahead early and then have the great running game to control the tempo and the clock to steal a victory. The Seahawks can be very good but I just don't believe in their defense. The Rams will do enough to stay ahead of Seattle's explosive plays.

In the end, I believe this year's (should be) MVP, Aaron Rodgers, gets another Super Bowl trophy. The balanced offense and good enough defense should propel them to dunk another chip into the Super Bowl cheese dip.

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