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Raiders Week 2 - Instant Reaction

Thank you Gus Bradley!

Very impressive follow up win to the NFL game of year candidate week 1 victory. Our defense has playmakers and NFL caliber linebackers for the first time in 10+ years. The defense is the catalyst for a Playoff season and hopeful run. Excited that they can get consistent pressure from multiple people and positions. Defensive backs were great with the exception of the Arnette burn, they need to limit his snaps with the other talent they have.

Not sure what to think about the running game with Drake and Barber. The offensive line is in shambles, Carr has enough poise to not let it effect the passing game right now but it's an anchor on the run game. They'll just have to ride Drake and Barber as long as needed and hope the offensive line gets healthy so Raiders can have some balance.

Get the Dolphins next week likely with no Tua, Raiders have a golden opportunity to go 3-0. They can't go on a slide like last year, I can smell the Playoffs.

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