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Texas 4 Step

The Warriors split their 4 game road trip vs the Spurs and Mavs. The frustrating part was in the wins they looked like the much better team and in both of the losses they could/should have won. It felt like a bit of a disappointment, but they also have their entire frontcourt injured so it was a good overall performance.

I was happy to see Kerr make meaningful adjustments to their pace of play to match their line up. The real winner is Juan Toscano-Anderson. He averaged 8.8 pts, 9.3 rebs and 3 assists over that four game stretch. His solid defense and efficient offense has been buoy for the Warriors on both ends. It gives them a real hope to have someone that can play a Draymond like role from the bench for years to come.

The Warriors have to continue to overcome Brad Wanamaker's poor play on both ends of floor. He has the worst PER (player efficiency rating) on the team this year and the 2nd worst VORP (value over replacement player) on the team (Oubre has the worst VORP). I'm done with Brad being able to help this team and would love to see the Warriors be able to find a way to get a replacement for him.

The Warriors have the Magic next on Thursday with the big matchup vs the 14-12 Brooklyn Nets on Sat. How many players will go for 50 points on Saturday?

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