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The Season Is Over

And just like that the Warriors season is over. A fatigue induced ugly performance vs the Grizzlies highlighted by bad turnovers galore. All of my concerns of the physical and mental fatigue coming off Lakers loss came to fruition. The part that I can't get over is we had two important end game situations and Steph couldn't get a shot opportunity to tie LA or win vs the Grizzlies. Draymonds final regulation shit, oops I mean shot, is a moment he should be ashamed of. Looked like it was indecision between what type of shot to take vs passing and he butchered it.

Despite the acute disappointment of the last 2 games there are mini silver linings. 1) Steph gets his first off-season to rest and recover coming off a healthy season in forever. He better not play in the Olympics, he doesn't need that wear over the off season. The rest that Draymond and Steph will get this off season isn't tangible but could pay off huge in a deep playoff run next year.

2) They get another lottery pick assest. We will likely have a 6-9 pick and another top 14 pick. This can be used for young depth or hopefully packaged with something to get a very solid rotational player. And there is a chance the lottery Gods bless us with something special (Suggs).

3) Steph proved to still be a MVP caliber player, Draymond can still be an elite defender and the last month of the season showed the team was very competitive with current skeleton crew construction. Hopefully that attracts the one or two solid pieces the Warriors need to actually have Strength in Numbers.

The most important off season of the rest of Steph's career is here! Want another ring? Bob Myers and Steve Kerr must make the right decisions. A Wanamaker swing and miss this off-season would cost this team another shot a Championship. More on 2021-2022 roster construction to come later in the playoffs.

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