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Wanted that Lakers Win More than 1st Round Success

After the emotional let down of giving away the Lakers game I'm having trouble being excited for the Grizzlies rematch. I'm hoping the Warriors have been able to better manage their emotions and will be ready as they promised.

It is hard to beat a team twice in a short span and the Warriors have to be a little worn down mentally and physically. The Warriors missed (threw away with so many turnovers) their chance to have big emotional lift going into the 1st round. Now they're in a position where if they win it's just expected and if they lose it would be devastating. The Grizzlies are in the opposite situation coming off a big win and a chance to shock the world.

The Warriors need be angry and extinguish this team early. We need more points from Draymond, make a FG. And must protect the ball. JTA needs more 4th quarter minutes than Mulder. This is the game the Warriors need to use a little Paschall and Bell. Keep Looney and Green healthy and energized, those Green turnovers had to have some fatigue factor.

If the Warriors can do what they're supposed to and handle business then giving the Jazz everything they can handle will get me fired up again. But I am more worried than excited for tonight's game.

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