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Warriors 2021 Draft Exceeds Expectations

The Warriors crushed this draft and got incredible value for their draft position. Kuminga was expected to go top 6 and Moody was expected to be gone by 11. The Warriors turned their 7 and 14 picks into the value of #5 and #10 picks.

Both players can immediately give the Warriors some wing depth that they desperately need. While both are very young and their peak upside won't come for 3-5 years I believe they can help now. The Warriors will have the need for defensive wings throughout the season and any offense they can fall into would be a bonus.

I definitely want Steph and company to be able to win another championship and I think these draftees along with an improved Wiseman do give them a shot at getting another title in 1-3 years. But I also think this opens another window for them in 5+ years. They have the chance for Poole and Wiseman to grow into All Stars and now add a potential All NBA type player in Kuminga. Obviously a lot of things need to fall in place but that is with any situation. I've been a Warriors fan long before their recent title runs and will be for the rest of my life, so I'm happy to see them have an approach of sustained winning vs burning their future for big swing. Because there is also no guarantee that a big swing get them a title now either.

Kerr must give these guys specific roles on the court and let them become good enough at one or two things (i.e. defense and screen setting) and not count on them mastering the offense year one. Let them develop their ball movement and motion without the ball behind the scenes. The changes to the development staff for the Warriors and actually being able to have practice/workouts this year will make a big difference for their development vs Wiseman's first year.

Can't wait to see how it plays out, hopefully will get to see some Summer League action in person this year!

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