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Warriors Comeback of the Year

The Warriors down 22 points late in the third find a way to come back and beat the rival Clippers! An unbelievable comeback that made everything feel right with the world. Midway through the 3rd quarter I was screaming at the TV for Kerr to take out Steph Curry and let him rest because the game was out of hand and then it started to happen. The Warriors outscored the Clippers 30-22 in the 3rd quarter and Steph outscored Kawhi and PG combined 19-17 and they were still down 6.

In the 4th qtr the Clippers shoot 43.8%, the Warriors shoot 61.9% and win the 4th qtr 34-18! Kawhi and PG only scored only 4 combined 4th quarter points. Wiggins, Curry, Bazemore, Paschall and Wanamaker all individually score more points than Kawhi and PG combined in the 4th. This turned out to be one of the most fun games to watch of the young NBA year and shows that the Warriors can be an impact playoff team. They are a young team that hasn't played many minutes together and are finding ways to win. The Warriors are 5th in Western Conference despite having played a very difficult schedule.

Not surprisingly, Steph Curry is the 4th most efficient player according to advanced stats. Can you guess the 2nd most efficient Warrior who is also in the top 50 of the NBA? Eric Paschall, coming in at 42nd in the league. In tomorrow's post I will look ahead at the week for the Warriors and do a deeper dive into Warriors advanced stats.

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