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Warriors Don't Keep Up The Pace

After the Warriors built a 9 point lead in the 1st qtr they lost each of the next 3 qtrs and end up losing by 9. The tipping point was between the 5th minute and 3 minute mark in the 4th qtr. In those 2 mins the Warriors went from a 2 point lead to a 10 point deficit and the game was essentially over.

The Warriors lost in a few key metrics that led to the Pacers comeback. Golden State had only 1 more turnover than the Pacers, but the Pacers outscored the Warriors 24-13 off those turnovers. Myles Turner ate them alive and the helped the Pacers outscore the Warriors 56-34 in the paint. Assists, usually an area of strength for the Warriors, also went the Pacers way 26-25. Also wouldn't hurt if the Warriors could've shot better than 63.6% from the charity stripe.

Wiggins was a bright spot for the Warriors scoring 22 and blocking 5 shots. He has been a consistent scorer at all three levels and led the Warriors in threes last night with 4/9 shooting. Having Paschall out hurt Golden State's normally strong bench and the Pacers got a great performance from Aaron Holiday off the bench dropping 16 points and leading in +/- with +19.

Curry continues to see playoff like defenses thrown his way. He had a better night against the Pacers than he did versus the Raptors, scoring 20. As Curry and the Warriors figure out their strategy there could be some rocky nights for Steph. However, I think this will help the Warriors in the post season and into next year. By the end of this year the Warriors will be better equipped for future playoff runs because they'll have more experience unlocking Steph Curry vs defensive strategies that are usually only thrown at them in playoff series.

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