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Warriors Get Picks 7 and 14, solid!

There is likely a consensus top 4 and then a consensus 5-7. The top 4 are Cunningham, Mobley, Suggs and Green. The Warriors will not get one of those players. The next 3 players likely go in top 7 but the order is up in the air.

The remaining top 3 players are Kuminga (G League), Barnes (FSU) and Mitchell (Baylor). The wild card for the Warriors could be Wagner from Michigan. The main point is they are guaranteed one of those 3-4 remaining players. Any of those players will step in as a solid rotation player day one and a top 2-3 option off the bench.

Plus they get another shot at 14 for a impact bench player. Great options to increase their depth and bench effectiveness. The NBA draft combine happens this week as well, so there could be some player stock movement.

They'll have 3 lottery picks coming off the bench next year (assuming Wiseman doesn't start). That's a lot of young talent and the bench should be able to hold onto leads unlike last year. Warriors championship in the next 2 years!

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