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Warriors Initial Summer League Thoughts

I want to see the whole Summer League play out before I really solidify my opinions on any of the players. But I've been pleasantly surprised by three players already.

Kuminga is more ready than people said originally, he can give them some minutes day 1. He jumper needs a lot of work but he has a good shot motion and I'm confident his FT shooting and 3 point shooting will come along. He had his best 3 point night last night vs the Raptors. His body control and aggressiveness to get to the rim is way more than I expected at this stage.

Moody has a good shot and will be able to make open 3s coming off the bench. He can be in the rotation day 1 if needed by Kerr. He is better prepared than Kuminga to do the little things that will help on offense like setting screens and moving the ball.

Payton II needs to be on the roster as the backup PG. He shot the lights out last night and where the hell did that dunk come from!? But he is a solid ball handler, proven he can make enough shots and is a great defender. That is exactly what the Warriors need and he has solid NBA experience, this is a no brainer Kerr and Myers.

Jessup is not good enough. Don't let him linger on the roster like Smailagic.

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