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Warriors' Lee Saves Again

Damion Lee saves the Warriors from Steph Curry's worst shooting performance of his career. Lee hit his 2nd game winner of the year, this time from the free throw line with 2 clutch shots. Wiggin's defense on Siakam in the last 4.3 seconds can't be over looked and also sealed the deal. Wiggins had to deal with Siakam in an isolation above the free thrown line, stayed with Siakam's spin and challenged his shot that barely rimmed out. Despite the poor shooting from Curry his impact was still felt, he was tied with Bazemore for the team lead in +/- at +7. Hopefully we never see a shot chart like this from Steph Curry again.

The Warriors are becoming the most fun team to watch in the league. As defenses throw bodies at Curry at an unprecedented rate, we get to see a unique offense developing with Draymond facilitating. Draymond Green has 13 more assists than FGAs (36 to 23) this season. Green missed his first triple double of the season by 1 rebound.

In NBA power rankings the Warriors make the 2nd biggest leap of any team, jumping up 10 spots to number 10 overall (the Hornets had the biggest jump +11). The Warriors are tied for 4th in the West with the Jazz. The Warriors play the Suns, 2nd in the West, on Friday 1/15.

Steph Curry's shot chart

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