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Warriors Shocking Comeback

Warriors down 19 in the 2nd qtr and down 11 entering the 4th qtr, had the Lakers exactly where they wanted them. A 34-21 Warriors 4th qtr led a stunning comeback against the best team in the NBA. This may be the most exciting 1 lead change game in the NBA this year.

Before the game I said that the Warriors needed 30+ from Steph and 15-25 from both Wiggins and Oubre Jr to get the win. Steph ended with 26 and actually struggled with his shot until the 4th, shooting 8/22 overall and 3/12 from three. Wiggins with a very efficient 18 points but Oubre broke out with 23 points! They needed a another scorer to step up in this kind of matchup and Oubre delivered 9/18 overall and 2/8 from three. But the real shot in the arm came from Paschall who is on his 6th man of the year campaign. Paschall scores 19 on a ridiculous 8/11 shooting! Paschall tied for the most points scored in the 4th qtr (8) with Steph. AD and Lebron had 8 combined 4th qtr points. Looney also contributes the best +/- with +12 (same as Anthony Davis) in his 19 mins.

After some lackluster assist games, the Warriors out assist the Lakers 31 to 23. Draymond led the team with 9 assists and scored

7 points. This was exactly the kind of game the Warriors want and need from Green, 3 to 1 assist/turnover ratio and some scoring (even a 3). Surprisingly the Warriors only lost points in the paint by 2. This was helped by both AD and LeBron only shooting 6/16.

The Warriors get the next 2 games at home vs the Spurs and Knicks before going on the road to Utah. After a surprising win to get over .500 they have a good opportunity to build up their record this week.

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