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Warriors vs Lakers - What Needs to Happen

Curry has to be a threat all game long. I believe the Lakers think they have the individual players to defend him pretty straight up and won't over defend him with box and 1, etc. In the past they may have been kind of right, buy they've never seen this version of Steph. Curry will cook them if they think Carusa, KCP and others can hold Curry. But whatever defense they throw at Steph he must not them make him passive. Stephen Curry must shoot at least 30 FGA.

The Warriors must stay out of foul trouble, especially early. Draymond, Looney, JTA and Bell have to double down on AD and make him pass. If the Lakers can make 3s then congrats to them. The Warriors actually have good defensive match ups for LeBron.

The Warriors won't be able to rebound with the Lakers in half court offense. The Warriors have to keep a fast pace and the Warriors must score at least 110 points. Steph for 35, Wiggins 20, Poole 20 & Green 11 is 86 points. Need 24 points from JTA, Bazemore, Looney, Mulder and company.

I can not wait for this game!

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